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How are things going with the hiatus?


Intro was way too long, I don't want to read a book, I want to see big furry men getting it on!


Sorry to dissapoint you sir but if your looking only for big furry man getting into it then maybe you should just search for exactly that and not for visual NOVELS, baka.


Every update makes me love this game more and more! It's giving me some serious goosebumps.


Wish I had a Xzavion in my life wkwkwk



Need pay for it? lmao, it's not worth a cent


What do you mean by ' need to pay for it '? You can download the vn for free


That's just mean. Making furry visual novels is hard, especially if you're a solo dev like LeiNavI. You have the audacity to comment this even if the game is for free and paying/donating is completely optional.


I do believe that my VN isn't one of the best ones out there and I know that you are entitled to give your opinion, but please don't spread incorrect information about the VN requiring mandatory payment. It's free to download and donations are voluntary (and really appreciated, of course).

still waiting 


I love this 


Does it contain nsfw?


continue it please i had fun

zachary is my favorite 


I'm so looking forward the next update. >w<
I really want to spend a day with Zachary! It's my favourite so far~


I noticed this part... "romance and nsfw content, those would still be present but will not be the focus of the story, I'll try my hardest to somehow make that happen" I am not sure what does it mean. I haven't noticed it, but I did see hints of romance. But I am curious. Btw, just started to read it, I don't mind one spoiler, (not too much, just tad bit). Thanks for making this interesting novel!

I think he means there's still gonna be romance and sex in the story, but maybe like, only one scene since that isn't the focus of the story

Thank you. 

No problem

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at first i wasn't convinced since scholastic story are not my bread and butter but i totally had to reconsider, i really love all character and the story is interesting so far, absolutely recommended

What does it say at the end of the Dream? Cause i can only Guess i'm sorry .......thats all


I wonder when's the next update?

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If there is going to be a route split, I'm going to have a hard time choosing. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜­πŸ˜­


For me it's totally going to be Zachary, though Xzavion is a close second.

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Curse my Indecisiveness!!! πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚


Hey, the VN is great, looking forward to new updates!

I read that there will not be a major focus on NSFW content, but will there be any at some point?

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Great VN, thank you for your work.

Also recognized some background pictures:) Same as in "Intertwined" VN, isn't it? And some from AfterClass?

Sorry for my English, I'm not native speaker.

Greetings from Russia!


Hey really great game ur really talented bro 

(Also was that a konosuba reference at beginning?)


Thanks a lot! Haha, and yes, yes it was.


This game has a great potential! I love your writing!!! I wish I could express my support personally and discuss some things, but you can't be messaged via Twitter :( 

Hello there! Thanks for checking out the vn xd, also, and if you do want to discuss about the vn with me, feel free to contact me on twitter, I fixed it so you would be able to, Id love to get some feedback :D


I recognize some background image in filo :D

i am have trouble it keep say exception  after ignore hit 6x an it Still it

Are you using old save files to play? 

i dint know  that cunit use a old save files



Thank you so much xd

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there is an error log that can't be ignored when you get to the fast food place in the pc build right before xzavion sits down.

Edit: never mind if guess. went back to see where it started but it works now for some reason 

Thank god there aren't any major errors haha


Just finished reading the update and I can say that this is what I call something  worth waiting for.

Yeah, I hope the wait really was worth it xd

you can trust me it was


"Im making this VN novel with the intention of creating somewhat the same experience that Echo gave me, so the vn will focus more on trauma, horror, and drama" oh lord this is gonna be a ride

Hehe, we'll just have to see how it goes πŸ‘€


A solid first episode of a slice of life story about meeting new friends at the school. Despite it being only the first build, I'm already attached to the characters and impatiently waiting for the next update. My only wish is the game could stay in such a lovely atmosphere and focus on dating instead of going into horror as the page suggests. At the same time, I highly respect the author for choosing such a less mainstream genre - either way, I'll be having my fingers crossed for this project. Keep up the amazing work, LeiNavI! 8)

I personally am fine with horror. It can make for some spicy romance. I liked blackgate and password, just not echo, because there's no happy ending with the route you choose.

But the dev clearly said:

"Im making this VN novel with the intention of creating somewhat the same experience that Echo gave me, so the vn will focus more on trauma, horror, and drama rather than romance and nsfw content,"

So I think he's going for that bitter ending romances that i really dislike.


Thank you so much for checking the VN out! Sorry that I can't fulfill everyone's expectations for the genre of the vn, I dearly hope you guys would understand


I played to see what was up with that coconut scraper blade in context

I really love the dynamic you've built between the characters

My favorite is Zach!

As someone who uses vocaloid and utau, I thought those lines about music was pretty cool


Thank you so much for reading! Its pretty cool that you actually do Utau xd

Hi Looking Forward For The Next Update And Is There A Way I Can View Your Character Images Full PleaseπŸ₯Ί

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Looking foward for the next update! awesome first build

PD: Rouon Aro >>>>
I love the jitterbug cover with his voice

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Thank you so much! And yes, I'm an Aro simp xd


I love this game, looking forward for the next update. By the way Zachary is my favourite character


Thank you so much for checking my vn out! I'll make sure to make Zach more lovable and interesting in the future updates <3

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Xzavion is my favorite out of the others. But I hope to see the relationship development between the MC and Xzavion from best friends to lovers

Hehehe, we'll see πŸ‘€

Thanks for checking the vn out! <3

Nice. But we should be thanking you for creating this vn! πŸ˜€


Hello. I enjoyed it very much :D The characterization is very good and so the facial expressions when talking in mid-sentence. It's all very good so far.

And how do you pronounce Xzavion's name? is the X silent? or is EX-za-vion?

Thank you so much for checking the vn out! <3

Xzavion's name is pronounced the same way you do with xylophone, the "x" is pronounced like an "s".


Oh! and I really love the part when Zach mentioned Rouon Aro as his favorite UTAU singer OWO. I luv Rouon Aro too!!!

Aro-kunnn?! xd <3


First, I loved the reference to Konosuba ! In view of your notes, i was expected to see horror elements early but i was pleasantly surprised to don't see this yet(except for the introduction scene) and that's nice for me that you take your time to introduce the characters without going too fast in the horror elements.

(Also, i love rewatch the first conversation between Xzav and Varion idk why but i think just that the reactions of Xzav are really enjoying to see.) Btw, like said Offlinewolf, the characters change expression mid-dialogue adds value to this game and helps to make it unique according to me. That's really a good idea that you had here !

I'm looking forward for the next update ! But, obviously, take your time ! (sorry for my mistakes, that's my first feeback in a foreign language.) 


Oh geeze, thanks so much for playing and enjoying the vn!

And yes, the horror elements will appear much later in the story, I do think it's best to introduce the characters more thoroughly first to give context on the whys and hows of the actions and decisions of said characters, it also gives me the chance to give clues that will help the player make the best decisions.

Also, it's a great honor to have you give your first feedback on my project, I really appreciate it and hopefully you'll stick around for the future updates of the vn!

Again, thank you so much xd

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You're welcome !

I'm glad that we still have sometime before importants choices of life and death. I really like your writing about chill conversations. They are enjoyable to see (especially with Xzav and Zach eheh)

To be honest, i wanted give a feedback to one or two others games previously but i never dared to do this. I feared that my feedback would be useless or incomprehensible but you take the time to respond to all the comments so i think that was a good push for me to dare to make one ! (sorry again for the mistakes). 


when is the next update?


Hello! Unfortunately, I won't and will never give specific dates on when updates for the vn will release. Because I am a one person team, its hard enough to do everything from writing, drawing, encoding, what more if I get pressured to rush all of those and release them in a specific date, not only will the update be unpolished, many parts of it may also get cut out for the sake of reaching the deadline. I am still on college too so I only got a few hours spare to work on it everyday.

Hopefully you would understand, and I hope this won't make you lose interest in the project, I will do my best to release updates as soon as they are polished and ready.

oh....its ok. just hyped for the next story line,its good.<3

Its all good, thank you for your understanding uwu


This is a great initial release i love it. 

I love the characters specially Will. The story and writing it manage to capture my attention right from the start. The only thing that bothers me a bit is the character design i think it need an improvement. Overall its 9.5/10 for me. Good Job looking forward in the next update.

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Thanks so much for checking the VN out xd

And yes, the spritework really needs a bit of work, Im not satisfied with them yet, after all I only have a small team working on the project consisting of me, myself, and I. I have never really gotten into art until I thought about making this vn (literal zero art experience) everything from the sprites, backgrounds, and music are all placeholders for the time being until I either improve and earn the skill to make those or until I get someone more skilled than me to create those.

The next updates will probably still have these sprites to use unfortunately since I dont see myself hiring a professional artist anytime soon, I hope you can bare with me in this.

Again, thank you so much for enjoying the vn! uwu

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This Is amazing love it and I love all the characters their so cute I loved every of it.

Thank you so much for playing thr VN! <3

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