Important Announcement

Yo, it's been a while, eh?

I'm sad to announce that the FVN "That One Celestial Night" will now be on an indefinite hiatus. I find myself being uninspired lately. I fail to work up good material and struggle to find time with how busy college is right now. I've done some of the sprite and draft work, but I don't feel satisfied with any of the output, and I don't want to give out half-baked updates just for the sake of releasing an update.

I want to prioritize my studies at the moment. I can't care less about my marks and I don't let it define my own capabilities, but losing my scholarship in the process is a hard pill to swallow. We already barely get by with our income and I don't want to become a burden because I didn't work hard enough to maintain said scholarship.

Some of you probably have already heard what's going on in the Phillipines, my home country. Our community is in shambles, many are sad, depressed, frustrated, angry, in disbelief of the situation we have put ourselves and our beloved country in. This was the last straw. Workers, creators, artists, families, and the youth had their hopes for a bright, clean, and corrupt-free government. All was shattered to pieces after having the son of a dictator win the highest position in the country. It's disappointing and embarrassing. We can't help but dread and be unmotivated, thinking about what the future has in store for us.

Do note that most Filipinos, also Filipino creators, DO NOT ENDORSE NOR SUPPPORT THE DICTATOR'S SON. I've heard that some creators/artists have their clients back out of their commissions or stop supporting them and their content just because they are Filipino. Please remember they are all hardworkers and are no different from other people. I do sincerely hope that you please not shun them aside and instead lend them a hand now that they are dealing with these hard times.

Anyhow, I do hope that you will understand the situation and the reason for the need of a hiatus. I still do want to continue writing and creating an FVN that people will enjoy. I will still work hard to improve my skills to make something even better. Thank you to all the kind words, the support, the donors and the volunteers who helped shape and create this humble project of mine. Thank you so much for reading and enjoying the game!

Well, I guess I'll see you in the near future

Sincerely, LeiNavI

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Thank you everyone for the kind words. Its tough, but we'll persevere. Mabuhay! 

Isang mahigpit na yakap po para sa lahat <3


Even if your update posts are not about much progress on the VN, it stands to be important to know what is going on that is the reason you haven't been able to work on it.  Better to know something than to know nothing at all.  Lately there has been a rise of idiots to power everywhere it seems too :/


Dude,  do your studies first and then do the VN, it will be easier, I hope everything gets better for you <3


Majority voted by 31M of pilipino people d namn po yan shameful alam nman hyys negative mindset talaga ouh.. By the hyss sayang ang VN mo nag hahantay lang ako ahh

. Take your time and take care of yourself..


Ehh really??? Why affected by that if bong2x Marcos win for president


Stay safe out there.

I hope you really recover.


Take that well-deserved break dude!

Yeah, our country isn't exactly in its most peaceful moment right now...

Keep fighting okay? And even if the most UNFAVORABLE outcome does come to fruition, let's keep pushing forward.  No matter how dark the situation gets, like the stars that burn even in the darkest of nights, let's keep shining.

I don't mind how long the hiatus will last, this work is worth the wait. That and, I truly do hope the situation gets better. Stay safe and don't forget to take care of yourself okay?

Take all the time you need. 

I'm glad to have found another amazing creator such as yourself LeiNavl! or whoever you really are. XD

Thank you for holding on and staying determined despite how difficult everything is right now.

I just finished reading the latest update, and damn, that was A LOT to take in.  My impatient ass is excited for more HAHAHAHAHAHA

But in all seriousness, your work is just exemplary! 

Damn I talk a lot, but this is it now.

Be seeing ya!


Take as much time as you need, friend. This VN has been one of my favorites, and I will wait patiently for whenever you are able to return.

Good luck with your studies, and all the best!